An early start…..

We met at a local park, where there is masses of photo opportunity, lakes, bridges, funky seats and shaded pathways too. Because the park offers so much, has great parking and a pretty good café too it gets very, very busy and in order to make the best of the shoot we had to start pretty early.

The couple (Susan & Donald) were already waiting when I arrived, so within minutes of my arrival we were off and looking for the best and first location to start the day.

Part of the pre-shoot for me is to get to know the couple better, really get a good understanding of what they want, and what they don’t like too of course. No two couples are the same and experience has taught me presumption is a very dangerous thing. I am always quick to confirm “there is no right or wrong wedding” It’s your wedding day so have it your way.

How long before the special day………

Generally, I try to arrange the pre-shoot around four weeks before the wedding day. The main reason for this is so that the couple still feel comfortable with me on the actual day, they’ll have remembered most of what we spoke about, some of the poses, some of the shots we’ll have practiced and most importantly they will have confidence knowing I’m not going to be asking them to dangle upside down from a tree, stand barefoot in a lake or balance on tea creates (unless they want to of course!!) Giving couples confidence to trust me means they relax, have fun and really enjoy the day – that means fantastic wedding photos full of emotion, fun, smiles and a few tears (of joy) too.

Susan & Donald have chosen Le Talbooth, Dedham as their venue. This is a beautiful, quality venue with amazing photographic opportunity, could say a photographers dream!!

What happens after the shoot……

After the shoot, we wander over to the café and providing the weather is good, sit outside and discuss the details and timings of the wedding. The timing is really important for me as I need to plan what time I’ll need to be at certain locations throughout the day. This also gives the couple a chance to ask me about the logistics and invariably the equipment I’ll be taking too. (having seen some of the kit during the preshoot we have just completed)

During this “coffee break” I show the couple a variation of different printed pictures, shots, poses and styles and gauge their reaction to get a deeper understanding of what they like, it’s always the non-verbal reaction that tells the story!!!

I always make lots of notes during these meetings, and record the critical timings too. A couple of days after the meeting / preshoot, I build a time planner and send it over to the couple, I’m regularly advised this planner is used to co-ordinate all the other suppliers and sometimes the wedding co-coordinator too. Thinking about it, it’s only the photographer that’s involved with the whole day as much as the coupe themselves!!