Free Wedding Photography Coupon – Terms & Conditions

The Decision of the Studio1 Photography Ltd. in respect of the winning couple and all matters hereto is absolute & final.

The offer is STRICTLY subject to the availability of the photographer on the day of the wedding. In the event the photographer is already booked a family shoot will be offered but no other cash alternative is available. Studio1 Photography Ltd. may consider the prize being transferred to another couple (i.e. friends or family) at the discretion of the winning couple & photographer in this event.

The wedding venue and any other locations must be no further than 20 miles from the centre of Epping Town Council offices.  A small charge may be payable to cover travelling costs if the photographer is expected to travel more than 20 miles from Epping Forest Town Council offices to the venues or locations.

The venue and all locations must be considered as “reasonable” safe, accessible, non-hazardous and consideration must be given to security and safe keeping of the photographic equipment and in close proximity to access /parking for the photographer’s vehicle.

 The offer is subject to the ability of the photographer being able to return to the offices of Studio1 Photography on the same day as the wedding i.e. no overnight stay. Should accommodation be required the winning couple will be expected to cover all the reasonable costs accordingly.

 This offer / promotion does not include a wedding album but the option (without obligation to buy) to have an album created / buy an album will be made at point of delivery of the photographs.

All photographs supplied will be uploaded to a unique gallery which will be password protected on Studio1 Photography website 10 days prior to delivery of images. The winning couple may request change of the password at any time and may share the password for viewing with friends, family and guests. Individual images can be printed from the gallery by anyone with the password.  Unless advised otherwise; Studio1 Photography Ltd will assume there are no images on the gallery which are considered improper, offensive or not acceptable for any other reason.

All commercial copyrights of all images are retained by Studio1 Photography Ltd but the couple are free to use the images in any way they see fit (short of commercial promotion) including sharing on social media.

 The winning couple; in order to qualify for this offer, will be required to agree to (by both signing) Studio1 Photography Ltd standard engagement terms and full completion of the standard wedding booking forms. Copy available upon request.

 All couples will be offered the opportunity to meet with the photographer, view the style and quality of his work and ask any questions as soon as the coupon is provided to ensure they are comfortable with the individual, who will be around them all day on their actual wedding day and also to ensure their individual / unique requirements can be discussed. There is no obligation to meet with the photographer but Studio1 Photography Ltd. accepts no liability what so ever for any consequences should the offer to meet not be accepted by the winning couple.

 The special surprise free gift is STRICTLY subject to provision of assistance and co-operation to / with the photographer as requested prior to the wedding date. In view of the nature of the gift it is un-reasonable / paradoxical to detail what assistance is required here. Studio1 Photography Ltd is prepared to provide full detail of what is required to a close friend or family member if written consent to do so by both the couple is provided. In the event this assistance is not forthcoming the special gift will be forfeited or provided in the best manner as Studio1 Photography Ltd. see fit.

 This offer is subject to weddings planned / booked up until the end of 2019. Not un-reasonable consideration will be given to any dates or cancelations later than this by individual negotiation. / circumstances.

All entrants and winning couple agree to their details being used in marketing & promotion of the offer by Studio1 Photography Ltd.

Studio1 Photography Ltd. accepts no liability for damages or consequential loss relating to any matter involving this offer or third-party costs; this is strictly understood and agreed by entering into this draw.

Studio1 Photography Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to partake in or photograph anything that could be considered as improper, morally, legally or politically incorrect, offensive, pornographic or racially motivated.