Just about the coldest day ever for a wedding pre-shoot

The Groom (who is a long standing friend)  has suffered a pretty serious back problem in the run up to the wedding and this resulted in having only one date mutually available.  We arranged to meet at a local park, where I’ve completed a number of pre-shoots previously. During the week before our planned meeting, the weather took an un-expected turn and temperatures just plummeted and we had a pretty good covering of snow for good measure too!!!

Given we had only one day available before the actual wedding day, it was going to take more than a little snow to stop this shoot going ahead, although I was really concerned the couple might call it off at the last minute as despite the biting cold, the roads conditions were pretty “hairy” too and given this was a rural location pulling into the car park I really expected to get a call!!!

Camera lenses misting – were the least of the problems

Once out of the car, the real temperature became apparent very quickly, not only was the temperature -5 but the stiff wind made it feel much worse. Although Helene (The Bride) was quite relaxed, Chris (the Groom) was really worried he’d slip on the frozen, snow covered ground and jaundice the wedding day at Friren Manor Hotel. We decided that avoiding the rather steep and ice covered slopes would be best and remained local on the flat ground nearest the car park. Although I had the camera kit in the car boot, the temperature was causing a constant problem as the lenses of both the Canon 5D’s were fogging (at least to start with) and this resulted in constant clearing.

The shoot was as I expected – really easy, with a couple as willing, fun loving and relaxed it was easy to get some great shots and cover a great deal of things we would be doing on the actual Wedding Day! So, although Chris was a little “contained” with his concerns over his back injury we had 40 minutes of laughter and fun and decided to hear for the coffee shop to discuss the final details.

Planning and understanding the finer details

As I re-confirm to very couple there is no “right or wrong wedding” and what one couple see as fantastic and a “must have” will not be as important or to the taste of another. At Studio1 Photography getting to understand the specific details after the pre-shoot is critical, as at this stage the planning is pretty much complete and the couple have a really clear idea of how and what they want on the actual day. It’s our job to pick out the important parts and make sure we are aware of what’s essential on the wedding day!!