During the week before the wedding, I always drive the route the day will take me, making sure I’m aware of any parking or road work issues. I visit the venue and speak to the staff, walking around to find the very best light and locations at the venue means I’m as prepared as I can be on the day and there are no surprises, I know where to get the best shots before I get there.

The day before the wedding, all the batteries and the portable lights are charged, cameras are time sync’d and memory cards checked and formatted (each camera has two cards – so not unusual to carry 10 cards as I expect to take between 1500 and 2000 shots!!)

It’s always an early start on the wedding day and generally get to the Groom around first to get fun shots, details and some a little more formal. From there it’s on to the Bride & the girls to capture some of the happiest and most emotional times of the day!!

The Kit

During the ceremony, I carry two professional Canon cameras both with “L” series lenses (one long lens and one wide) and have a third set up (if possible and I do not have a second photographer shooting with me) on a remote, tripod mounted to shoot as though I do have a second photographer with me, to get maximum coverage.

After the ceremony things get really hectic and apart from the group shots, I’m as busy as I can be getting shots of family and friends laughing and having fun (when they are not aware they are being photographed) most of my couples just love these shots!! During this time, I try to get the couple for a couple of minutes just to get some special shots, whilst their family and friends are preoccupied and never miss them.

A thank you for letting me be part of your day

For bookings confirmed before the end of 2017 I am including a special surprise for my couples and its delivered on the evening of the wedding – it generally has everyone laughing or crying tears of happiness at various times and it’s a memory to keep forever too!!!